Benvenuti a collaborare con Intimate WM Heart

Sappiamo che è molto importante connettersi con il pubblico. Che è un ottimo modo per rimanere in contatto con i nostri clienti, Ecco perché apprezziamo il lavoro di tutti i blogger, creator di YouTube, o influencer in generale che sono sempre alla ricerca di nuove funzionalità e marchi da consigliare ai loro utenti.

Metodo di collaborazione


You receive our products in exchange for sharing your honest experiences on your social media



In this form of collaboration, we would give you gaming/office chair so that you have the opportunity to do a product giveaway among your followers. In this case, it’s necessary to have a minimum number of followers on Instagram and Facebook. About detail we will discuss how we can make this happen.

Collaboration Requirements


We receive a lot of collaboration requestions. For our collaboration to be beneficial for both of us, there are some requirements that you must meet:


1.Have a social media profile or blog that deals with decoration, game, gift ideas etc.


2.Have at least 1,000 followers on Facebook or 10,000 on Instagram, 10,000 followers on Youtube


3.Keep your social networks updated with content of interest to your audience.


If you have any other great collaboration idea welcome to contact with us.


Send us an email to the address below indicating what type of collaboration you would like to make. Be sure to give us your social media profiles with all the data that you think may be important to us. If everything goes well, we will be happy to work with you. See you !